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The Future with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our expertise in world class AI powered technology can help with digital transformation to the Next Gen of emerging technology.



Project Overview: AI-Driven Hotel Booking Cancellation Predictor 

The modern hospitality industry is caught in a web of challenges with booking cancellations. With customer preferences shifting rapidly, booking cancellations are frequent and multifaceted, leading to considerable revenue losses and strained operations.

PuriCloud's Machine Learning Model is the answer to this pressing issue. Our solution analyzes a significant amount of data including customer behavior and market trends. It offers predictive insights into booking cancellations, allowing hotels to allocate resources efficiently, mitigate losses, and maximize profitability.

Project Overview: Machine Learning for SMS Threat Detection

As SMS communications evolve, cyber threats through spam and phishing messages are on the rise. These messages pose serious security risks to both organizations and individuals.

PuriCloud is at the forefront in securing digital communications. Our SMS threat detection model employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. It will scan and analyze SMS texts, identifying "spam" and "ham’" (non-spam), and provides instant alerts to potential threats. This reinforces cybersecurity and protects against malicious intents.