Using a patented two-step system, PuriCloud has managed to perfect the dry fog process to rid your home of mold forever. PuriCloud can tackle even the most difficult mold problems in only a few hours.

Dry fog technology is not only quicker and more effective than old out dated remediation methods, but it also saves you money. If you have an old home taken over by mold, or a small problem behind a wall, PuriCloud has the solution.

You may have high mold counts in your home and not even know it. Mold can grow behind walls, in washing machines, under cupboards and can even be clear after being washed with bleach but can still be very dangerous. If you have felt sick in your home or have had a water leak, call PuriCloud to receive an evaluation by a certified mold inspector.


Mold removal cost can be a concern for many. PuriCloud typically charges less than half the price of other professional mold removers. This saves our customers thousands of dollars on their mold remediation projects. How is it possible that PuriCloud can save customers so much money?

Other mold remediation companies use time consuming methods that take days or even weeks. They often try to trap mold spores with plastic barriers while they demolish sections of the home. They continue wiping down walls and pumping air out of the home until they can get an air quality test that reaches healthy levels. The PuriCloud mold remediation system takes only one visit. Also, it usually requires no demolition. These factors allow PuriCloud to transfer savings to the customer.


Mold removal is essential anytime there are elevated counts in a building. Sickness, allergies, asthma, and other serious illness will almost always accompany high mold levels. PuriCloud guarantees every mold removal service. The dry fog mold removal process, fills every corner of the home, seeps into the carpet, fills your air vents, and eliminates every mold spore it touches.

One of the main issues solved by this mold remediation system, is the elimination of airborne mold spores. Mold removal has never made more sense than it does with the dry fog system.


Other professional mold removal companies often spread mold spores all throughout your home and make things even worse than they were before. PuriCloud doesn’t relocate mold spores, they just eliminate them.

PuriCloud uses only EPA approved chemicals that have gone through extensive testing and been determined as safe. Everything used during the mold removal service has also been muscle tested and proved safe.