The price for mold removal will depend on the severity of the problem, the size of the home, and the company you choose. While it is difficult to give an exact estimate on any individual job without seeing the situation, PuriCloud guarantees they will beat any other bid received from any other certified mold remediation company. Because of the technology developed by PuriCloud, they are able to transfer savings to the customer. By doing jobs faster they can do more jobs in a day than any other mold remediation company and save you money. They are also able to treat an entire home rather than individual areas which saves you on expensive air quality tests done all through out the home to try to determine the location of the issue.

Based on comparisons done throughout our service areas, PuriCloud prices are more than 60% less expensive than other bids issued by mold removal companies.

Contact PuriCloud to set up a time for a PuriCloud employee to come assess your situation and provide you with an official bid.

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